Fight fire aggressively but provide for safety first.

Stacy Yellowface


O’Chiese Forest management has secured a zero date contract with Rocky Sustainable Resource Development, and they have been scheduled to be ready to fight fires as needed.

Forest management activities: during spring and summer months, fire fighters get ready to go out and tackle fire by fire suppression, training has been provided to 9 O’chiese members, a physical exam is completed each year.

Requirement to apply: must be young and fit as the work is very strenuous and dangerous; there are 15 eligible members but only 8 people per crew get to go out, a crew includes: crew leader-sub leader- 6 fire crew members.

The company recently purchased 2 crew cab trucks, after each job completion, the manager goes out to inspect the vehicles’ wear and tear; this ensures the vehicles are ready for the next job. During the winter months of Nov – February, the crew will be tackling the pine beetle, by removing pine trees which are infected by the pine beetle.

Future plans might include tree planting for re-forestation.


For Additional information please contact:

Manager: Stacy Yellowface

Phone: 1-403-989-2047 ext:203

Fax: 403. 989.3759

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