O’Chiese Gas Bar is fully owned and operated by O’Chiese First Nations.  When you shop at the O’Chiese Gas Bar you are supporting your local community.  Our convenience store offers various items to include bread, eggs, milk, phone cards, gift cards, cell phone accessories, material, ribbons, cigarettes, tobacco.  We also provide many gas  products such as engine oil, antifreeze, transmission oil and windshield washer fluid.  An ATM machine is also conveniently located within the store.

The O’Chiese Gas Bar is located in the central area of our community.  We strive to contribute to our community by providing employment to our members, offer friendly service, a clean store and seven days a week convenience.

We operate from 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. each day. Our goal is to be successful, give work experience and keep our customers happy.

O’Chiese First Nations is situated in a remote location.  Prior to building the Gas Bar the people of O’Chiese had to travel 45 km to the nearest town of Rocky Mountain House to get their weekly supplies of food and gas.  Now we have the convenience locally in our home community.

Roxanne Beaverbones is an O’Chiese member.  She has been employed with the gas bar since 2009, quickly rising from a till clerk to manager within five years.  The gas bar employs 18 staff members who work in shifts. The different positions stem from managers, cashiers, finance, inventory clerk, gas jockeys, security officers and stockers. We all work together as a team. We hire and train all ages from young students and up.


Roxanne Beaverbones

We have a diverse team that ranges from young students to senior members.  Together we strive to provide items that satisfy public needs.

Roxanne Beaverbones


For Additional information please contact:

Phone: 403-989-3664

Fax: 403-989-2469

O’Chiese Gas Bar