Bill Lowry

Operations Manger

O’Chiese Contracting

Office: 1-403-844-0160


O’Chiese Contracting LP works closely with Bellatrix, Conoco-Phillips, Vermillion Energy, and Oil & Gas companies doing businesses on O’Chiese First Nation Traditional Lands.  Our goal is to to  provide long term economic benefit for O’Chiese First Nation members.  

O’Chiese Contracting LP provides multiple services to Oil & Gas industry through the building of roads, issuing of leases,  identifying access right of way, and pipeline installation.

O’Chiese Contracting is developing plans to build a diversion road that turns in from the highway onto the truck stop, this will minimize safety issues, establish security clearance control of locale traffic, be able to issue permits for heavy trucks who wish to use access road through First nations land, and provide more business for the truck stop.


For Additional information please contact:

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O’Chiese Contracting LP