O’Chiese Safety Services LP. is a First Nation owned and operated industrial medical service provider. Personnel are certified under the Alberta College of Paramedics to operate as Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs) and equipped for high hazard work and remote locations. Medical and First Aid support for drilling rigs, service rigs, plant construction, plant turn around and pipeline construction.

The company’s Medical Director Dr. Mike Hancock is an expert physician with an emergency and surgical background. Training and the EMRs Scope of practice has been developed and implemented by experienced paramedics. Together our team has developed a highly effective support system for our services to ensure the highest quality of workmanship.

We strive to ensure the success of clients in health, safety and well-being

Dr. Mike Hancock

Medical Director

Mobile Treatment Centre (MTC) are all 4x4 units equipped to perform advance life support (including AED) and can hold two injured workers plus two medical attendants.

Staff are also trained with security, field level risk assessment, hazard assessment, gas detection & lowest explosive level, industrial standard operating procedures, confined space monitoring and respiratory protection.

Operations are based on O’Chiese First Nation, which is centralized to service activity between Red Deer, Drayton Valley and Rocky Mountain House areas.  All medical, liability, and auto insurance is up to date and can be adjusted according to company’s requirements.


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Phone: 1-780-918-1551

O’Chiese Safety Services LP.

Box 2127 Rocky Mountain House,

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