Violet Vallee - Truckstop Convenience Store Supervisor


Our goal is to to incorporate a business that we can be proud to own. We want a good image, efficient operations and a professional and fun atmosphere. Training, educating and employing our members is our first priority to achieving these goals.


The Truck Stop operates under a Board of Directors: the Chief and Council, and Cedric Whitford, Councilor is the Portfolio Head. Our direction comes from Chief Darren Whitford, Band Manager, Councilors, and our Community.


Our philosophy is to create a successful, self-sustaining, long term operation that provides economic and employment opportunities that benefits the O’Chiese community.


Our objective is to build and provide a business with a strong foundation. We want this business to be successful and profitable.

Truck Stop Manager

Kari Vallee

Hours of Operation

7 am to 10 pm
7 days a week