A State-of-the Art Partnership

OchieseEagle1Eagle Well Servicing and the O’Chiese First Nation have partnered to provide a new state-of-the art Mobile Class III Double Free-Standing Service Rig to service customers working on and around the O’Chiese land.  This joint venture provides an opportunity for the O’Chiese to participate in the development of natural resources on their lands as well as to provide new employment opportunities for the members of the O’Chiese First Nation.


The Benefits of Partnership

As a result of the joint venture customers not only gain the advantage of working on the O’Chiese land and supporting the First Nation group, but the experience of Eagle Well Servicing as an industry leader in providing state- of-the-art service rigs that rise above the rest when it comes to safe, efficient and functional well servicing.

Specifications of :

O’Chiese Eagle Rig #1 Free-Standing Mobile Class III Double

CIL 350
Drawworks 4210
Engine Cat C-11 Rated HP 385
Transmission Allison OFS 4700
Main Drum Brakes 25.4 cm X 106.6 cm
Sandline Brakes 20.3 cm X 96.5 cm
Drill Line 25.4 mm
Sandline 12.7 mm X 4200 m
40” Kobelt Aux Disc Brake
Care 2013

Care Industries 105FS-200,000
Mast Height 32.0 m
Max Static Hookload 89,600 daN(6 lines)
Max Wind Capacity 112 kph
Crown Fall Arrest Rated 5000 lbs
Secondary Fall Arrest Rated 5000 lbs
Racking Capacity 3800m 88.9 mm tbg
Blocks 100 Ton Oil Country
Lighting Incandescent and Quartz

Optional Equipment
80 Hp Boiler

BOP Equipment
BOSS 152 mm Annular
35 Mpa Rated
Tapped Top 2000 / 5000
BOSS 152 mm Double Gate
35 Mpa Rated
Kill Spool C/W 50.8 mm Outlet and Valve
35 Mpa Rated
Tapped and Bored for 2000 / 5000
73 mm 35 Mpa Tubing Valve
Class III Accumulator Control Tech
Volume 151 Litres Pressure Rating 21 Mpa
3 Function Controls c/w Nitrogen Back-up

Mobile Pump Tank
2013 Freightliner
Engine Detroit DD-13 Rated HP 410
Automatic Transmission Allison 4000 RDS
SJ Petro 300
35 Mpa Rated
Seven Valve Manifold 35 Mpa Rated
4 X 3 Mission Charge Pump

Two Compartment 32 m3 Capacity
50.8 mm Mud Roll and Degasser
Volume Gauge Indicator on Front
Man Rated Davit Arm
50.8 mm Line Pipe Rated 35 Mpa

Handling Equipment
Oil Country 58-93 Tongs c/w Air Back-up
Type C Air Slips
Standard 60.3 mm to 89.9 mm tbg Eqmt
Standard 19mm – 25 mm Rod Equipment
Safety Equipment
4-14 kg Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers
2 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
c/w Spare Cylinder
Gas Detector
LEL Monitor
Safety and Directional Signs
Electrical Bonding Equipment
Crown Saver
Pipe Ram Saver
Two Self Retracting Lines
Back up camera and Voice recognition

Mobile Dog House
2.85m X 4.57m Change House
2.85m X 4.57m Generator House
40 kW Yanmar Generator
Bathroom Facilities
WIFI Hotspot Booster


For Additional information please contact:

Toll-free in Alberta: 310-RIGS (310-7447)

Toll-free in Canada: 1-877-346-9710

Red Deer: 1-403-346-7789

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